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Get ready for the most invigorating, well-rounded, and sustainable workout you’ve ever tried! Fuse is low impact, sustainable, high-intensity interval training and was born from a need to make workout classes more efficient without impact. Each 45-minute class pushes you through 45-second intervals of cardio and strength for the most optimal and effective workout while incorporating your entire body.x


We created a sustainable HIIT workout crafted with NYC inspiration and Detroit pride — a workout that WE need and our clients love. Fuse is for people who seek a balanced, heart-pounding, and strength-building routine to live better, stronger lives. Our group of experienced trainers shares our enthusiasm every day — 45 minutes at a time — to help you unleash your inner athlete.


Especially online, each class feels like personal training within a group setting. Our instructors will challenge and lift you to new heights with constant motivation while you work toward new goals. If you’re looking for a positive, empowering workout, join us on Fuse Live!


Our goal is to bring positivity to working out. We motivate with encouragement and offer more than just a workout. With so many struggles going on in the world, we want to lift you up and empower you. We want you to feel better about yourself after each class you take. Realize potential you didn’t know existed and live your strongest and healthiest possible life by starting or ending your day with Fuse. Let our instructors inspire you and give you the strength you need to make the most of every class you take.


With Fuse Live, you will find that the instructors and other clients feel like family. Even though we aren’t working out in the same space, we feel connected. You will find other clients who care just as much about your success as they do their own. You’ll find a community that supports each other whether it’s by commenting on the workout classes or sharing dinner recommendations! You will find that we are all in this together and the world is more connected than we ever realized. We are stronger together and we are here for eachother.


We created a workout that you can do throughout your life stages and one that you can fit into your daily routine. Fuse is not a fad, it’s a way of life. It’s a fitness concept you can do in college to fight the freshman 15. You can Fuse in your twenties as you learn to navigate the real world. You can Fuse in your thirties as you grow a family. You can Fuse in your forties as you remember to take care of YOU. You can Fuse in your fifties and beyond when you know how important protecting your body from aging and injury is. Fuse is for people who take their health and fitness seriously, with no plans to slow down.


Fuse is committed to improving your fitness so you can lead a better and healthier life. That’s what Fuse Live is all about. Live Fuse Live. Check out our Fuse community below and on Instagram.

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