Once I started telling people I was pregnant, everyone wanted to know, “what will you do about your workouts?!”

I was always puzzled by this. What would I do? I’d keep doing them! What else would I do?

Then I started to second guess myself… “was it safe for the baby to keep working out so intensely?”

So I spoke to my doctor and he said “keep doing what  you were doing before pregnancy.” I took that to heart and kept up my Fuse45 routine throughout my entire pregnancy… and at 38 weeks, I’m still going and I feel great!

Here’s my advice to any pregnant person on how to stay healthy during these long nine months of growing a baby:

#1  Don’t start a new exercise routine.

Thinking about trying a new sport or workout regimen? Now is not the time. Now I understand why people say you want to be in your best shape ever before pregnancy. I always thought people said that for purely superficial reasons having to do with weight gain. This is stupid.

However, getting in shape before you get pregnant is smart. Get your body used to working out, moving, being healthy and let those behaviors carry with you and the baby as you grow. When you exercise and want to get your muscles relaxed don’t forget to get the best natural muscle relaxer!

#2 Wear a heart rate monitor.

Because my exercise routine pre-pregnancy was high intensity, I was concerned about monitoring my heart rate just to make sure nothing seemed out of the ordinary as I worked through intervals. I know a lot of people are tracking with the iWatch. I wear an Apple watch because I like all of the features except heart rate monitoring. I find it to be inaccurate and frustrating.

The Mio Slice, on the other hand, never fails me. It shows my BPM instantly, without having to wait for loading and always seems accurate based on how I’m feeling. Knowing how hard I am working during my classes gives me peace of mind that I’m taking good care of my body.

#3 Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy and unhealthy.

It’s so easy to say “I can’t” or “I don’t need to” because I’m pregnant. I could sit on the couch more, workout a lot less, eat crappier, lay in bed longer  and no one would judge, and because I don’t have to worry about all the baby stuff since I got everything for it from Babyzoom.net. Some mother are uses garciniaperks.com/where-to-buy-garcinia-cambogia-fruit/ for their health because other researchers found out that it has a lot of health benefits to you.

It’s like pregnancy is free ticket for everything unhealthy. But why should it be? When you’re growing another human, isn’t this the time to be extra healthy?

Babies in utero thrive when moms eat  nutritious meals, stay hydrated, move often, and get enough sleep. Sure, allow yourself dessert a little more often, but don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to throw out all of your good habits and adopt  bad ones. When you take care of yourself, you take care of your baby.

#4 Stay fit

Everyone will say that exercising throughout pregnancy will make labor and delivery that much easier. Now, I can’t speak from experience yet, but I have to assume there is validity behind this statement!

Recovering from high intensity interval training, for example, forces you to work on controlling your breathing and breathing through contractions is a crucial part of labor.

The physical benefits of staying fit throughout pregnancy might be obvious, but the mental benefits are just as real and just as important.  Working out throughout my pregnancy has made me feel incredibly empowered and proud of my body. I literally feel like I can do anything.

Low impact, high intensity interval training has been the key to success for me to stay healthy and fit while pregnant. Aside from modifying some core moves, I am able to keep up with the class at 38 weeks and I feel strong and confident.

This article was written by Samantha Kelman Friedman, co-owner of Fuse45. To stay up to date on more articles follow us on social @fuse45fitness (Instagram) , and Fuse45 Royal Oak and Fuse45 West Bloomfield on Facebook.
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