Fuse45 [FORCE]

Exactly one year ago today, we started the most incredible program. We invited a group of amazing kids to workout in our studio. They all have special needs, mostly living with Autism and related developmental challenges. We had no experience training kids with Autism, so we treated the kids like we do all of our clients, with care and compassion in every Fuse45 class. The growth and success of this program and these children surpassed all of our expectations.  The program is officially called Fuse45 [FORCE].

Our mission was to provide interactive fitness opportunities for these kids to improve their strength, vitality and confidence in all areas of their lives.

Now our mission is to increase community awareness of these classes so even more kids and young adults with special needs can be active and engage socially.  

How can you help?!  We’re holding a fundraiser during the month of January where WB cyclist can reserve their favorite bikes through a silent auction. Bids for Bikes start at $50 and 100% will be donated to JVS and go directly to our program. The auction will close on Christmas Day. Submit your bids in studio or via email to [email protected] 

If you’re not a cyclist, you can gift a bike to a friend or just make a donation by writing a check out to JVS with “Fuse45” in the memo and mailing to: Cycle & Row | 6381-D Orchard Lake Rd | West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322. We also welcome volunteers to support the program (teenage and up)!  

Thank you for supporting this amazing program.

About Fuse45 [FORCE]: Fuse45 is a place that welcomes and nourishes all abilities. Our special needs class called Fuse45 [FORCE] is designed for teenagers and young adults living with developmental challenges who are looking to improve their strength, balance, stamina and social skills in a safe and controlled environment. In each 45-minute class, they will work on their physical endurance and coordination by rowing, cycling and skiing, while building friendships. Have a child or young adult with special needs? Contact us at [email protected] to see if this class could be a good fit!