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Some Serious Fuse Dedication

Fuse is sustainable.  That's why we suggest you make it part of your daily routine. We're rewarding clients who visit 20 times or more in a month. That's a lot of best cellulite cream with caffeine and your body will thank you! Here's the list of incredible people who...

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Fuse with Friends for Optimal Fitness Results

Everyone knows that one of the hardest parts about working out is actually walking through the door.  Once you're there, you know you can handle the workout and you feel so amazing once it's over. But there are so many other factors that prevent people from committing...

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Fuse[FORCE] Comes Alive Because of Great Parents & JVS!

Now in partnership with JVS, Fuse[FORCE] is an affordable exercise class for kids, teens and young adults living with autism and other developmental challenges. The class was started by acouple parents who were in search of a healthy activity for their kids with...

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Bids for Bikes

Fuse45 [FORCE] Exactly one year ago today, we started the most incredible program. We invited a group of amazing kids to workout in our studio. They all have special needs, mostly living with Autism and related developmental challenges, since this kids need extra...

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HIIT & EPOC, Explained (Finally!)

HIIT is an acronym used to describe high-intensity interval training. It is a work out characterized by quick bursts of high effort exercise followed by short, sometimes active, periods of recovery. If you have ever completed a Tabata workout or Fuse 45™ Class, you’ve...

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Getting Over a Bad Health Health Slump

Start tomorrow off on the right foot. Take control, starting now. Evaluate where you are and what you have done over the previous few weeks to get there. Whether you’ve had a slew of weddings, birthday parties, happy hours or anything else that has caused you to fall...

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Follow Your Dreams

“Follow your dreams.” That is what we have always been told, but how many of us really do? Most people seem to stay in that safe zone within their heads and hearts, never reaching their true potential or that far away dream. Dreams can motivate us and they can guide...

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Taking Your Fitness to the Next Level in Class

1. Gear Up: Wear apparel that is geared to the activity you are participating in. A moisture-wicking top is always a good choice in any workout class. A few of my favorites are Lucy's Fitness Fix Tank and Lululemon's Swiftly Tech Racerback. I can’t wait to try out...

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Journey to Los Angeles

To my Cycle & Row (now Fuse45) family: Most of you know that I moved to Los Angeles last Summer to represent Cycle & Row on Jillian Michaels’ reality show called Sweat Inc. Because of your unconditional support, enthusiasm, and encouragement, I left home with all of...

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Evan A, 20

Fuse45 has truly changed my life. I never felt “athletic” before, even though I ran cross country in high school and worked out. Since becoming a part of the great community at Fuse45, I have seen just how strong and capable I am—to do anything.