All Fuse45 classes include 45-minutes of low-impact and high-intensity circuit training. You will be guided through cardiovascular intervals including rowing, biking and skiing as well as strength training exercises involving your arms, core and legs (and every tiny muscle in between). Whether your goal is to increase endurance and stamina, build strength and power, improve balance and flexibility, or increase coordination and accuracy, any Fuse45 class is an ideal choice for you. Please note that beginners are welcome in every class. First timers should arrive 15 minutes early for an equipment demo and meeting with the instructor.


Indoor cycling (Spinning®) and strength cycling classes are available at our West Bloomfield location only. 

Unlimited Members: If you are unable to sign up online because of your auto-renew date, please email [email protected] with your schedule.

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    Fuse45 Classes

    Formats rotate daily for maximum effectiveness. Some formats are more cardio intensive and some more strength intensive. Regularly taking a combination of Fuse45 formats will maximize positive fitness results.

    power plus


    In a POWER+ Fuse45 class, alternate between cardio and strength stations every interval with a 3 to 1 work to recovery ratio. This class is fast-paced, high intensity and still low-impact. Instructors will encourage goal setting during cardio intervals.



    On SHRED day, begin with two quick intervals of cardio and then transition to the corresponding strength station for three moves. Return to your cardio station for an all out sprint and then repeat your strength moves.



    A SURGE, by definition, is a sudden powerful forward or upward movement. In this format, 1 uphill (or heavy) interval is followed by a spring (or lightweight, high rep exercise). This class has equal parts cardio and strength.



    On STRENGTH day, heavy weighted movements dominate the class. This class has more strength training than cardio, but that doesn’t mean less sweat!



    Push through short intervals on the bike and then recover with strength exercises off the bike. The class is designed to increase heart rates on the bike and tone muscles off the bike for a well-rounded cardio and strength workout.



    Innovative, high-tech, performance tracking CYCLE classes are filled with powerful cardio blasts and strong hills. Instructors will incorporate upper body strength training, adding new dimensions to this not-so-typical cycling class. Let loose to the energizing music and push yourself through competitive intervals and motivating team races, utilizing Performance IQ technology.




    Fuse FORCE is a special needs fitness class for kids, teens and adults living with autism or other developmental challenges. In each 45-minute class, participants practice endurance, strength, stamina, coordination, balance, teamwork and much, much more.



    Moving, grooving and growing! Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst for kids ages 0-4, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun! Fuse45 is proud and excited to host this great class for parents and their babies.  For more information, contact [email protected]


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