All FUSE LIVE classes include 45-minutes of low-impact and high-intensity circuit training. You will be guided through cardiovascular intervals as well as strength training exercises involving your arms, core and legs (and every tiny muscle in between). Whether your goal is to increase endurance and stamina, build strength and power, improve balance and flexibility, or increase coordination and accuracy, any FUSE LIVE class is an ideal choice for you. Please note that beginners are welcome in every class. First timers should watch our form check video!



    Fuse Live Classes

    Formats rotate daily for maximum effectiveness. Some formats are more cardio intensive and some more strength intensive. Regularly taking a combination of Fuse formats will maximize positive fitness results. In order to the signature HIIT style class, Fuse also offers specialty classes like indoor cycling and TRX training classes.



    In a POWER+ class, alternate between cardio and strength intervals with a 3 to 1 work to recovery ratio. The class has an 8-minute running clock per station and there is always an arm, core and leg station. After the core class, there will be bonus moves and a fuse finisher. This class is fast-paced, high intensity and still low-impact. It is equal parts cardio and strength.



    On SHRED day, begin with two quick intervals of cardio and then transition to the corresponding strength intervals for three moves. Oftentimes, there will be a right side, left side and alternating move. Then, return to your cardio interval for an all out sprint and then repeat your strength moves. In this format, there is twice as many strength moves as cardio.



    A SURGE, by definition, is a sudden powerful forward or upward movement. In this format, 1 uphill (or heavy) interval is followed by a sprint (or lighter-weight, high rep exercise). This class has equal parts cardio and strength.



    On STRENGTH day, heavier weighted movements dominate the class. This class has more strength training than cardio, but that does not mean less sweat! Start with one round of cardio and follow that with four rounds of strength. This structure repeats for the entire class.



    On FIRE day, resistance band training is key. If you don’t have a set of long tube bands with handles and mini bands, it will be worth the small investment! “Strength” and “cardio” are not as clearly defined in this format because all moves are full body and they burn!



    CHARGE is the most unique for starting each round with 6 intervals of cardio. It’s very challenging in the moment, but also feels great to get the cardio components out of the way all at once! Cardio intervals are always followed by 6 intervals of strength for a well-balanced, full-body workout.




    Live indoor cycling classes are now brought right to your home, or wherever you workout! The studio atmosphere is recreated once you logon to FUSE LIVE and hop on your bike at home. Instructors will guide you through powerful cardio blasts and strong hills. Some classes will also incorporate upper body strength training, adding new dimensions to cycling classes. Let loose to the energizing music and push yourself through competitive intervals and motivating sprints for a 45-minute cardio intensive class. If you don’t have a bike, you can follow along on a treadmill or elliptical!




    Sam and Karen are always thinking up new ways to keep clients connected and motivated. Look out for specialty classes such as TRX training, stretch classes, dance classes and more. And we are always taking requests!