Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Founder Karen Kelman talks about dreaming big and following through“Follow your dreams.” That is what we have always been told, but how many of us really do? Most people seem to stay in that safe zone within their heads and hearts, never reaching their true potential or that far away dream.

Dreams can motivate us and they can guide us. If followed, they can take us to places further than ever imagined. So what if we try to follow our dreams and we fall short?

Does that mean that we fail? NO WAY! That means that we get one step closer – perhaps it will empower us to try a little harder, become that much more diligent, dig deeper within ourselves and think more, all we need to do is not to have fear of following them, if we want a little more preparation we can use a psych reading from psychic Indianapolis to have more information on what’s the best decision to make to be closer to our dreams.

We have the power and the control within ourselves to achieve most things. All we need to do is tap into that confidence that is buried deep within us and believe in ourselves. It is important to set goals. DREAM BIG. Have fun with it!

If there is a passion that burns inside of you, something you have always wanted to do, wanted to try… chase that dream! Be that person! Step out of your comfort zone. Take a chance. If you don’t, you will never reach it.

Since my daughter Sam was little, we have always shared a passion for fitness. We have climbed up mountains and skied down them, snow-shoed over lakes and through forests, and rode bikes past vineyards and castles. There is something about sweating together, pushing each other and playing together that is so incredibly connecting. Yes, I am one lucky Mama!

Sam and I have always dreamed of turning our passion into a business, organizing some
commercial construction loans cincinnati oh for our business. This has taken many years of cultivating, planning and researching. We traveled near and far, taking every big-city and small-town workout class available. We learned from the very best instructors. We received certification after certification until we were confident and ready to follow OUR dream.

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We are excited and proud to share that dream with you. A mother/daughter team (husbands too) working together, creating a passion and sharing it with others. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Welcome to our dream…

Now it’s your turn. Work hard, reach far and you will get there.

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