Forget Fish Oil: Exercise Best Way To Prevent Spread Of Cancer

Forget Fish Oil: Exercise Best Way To Prevent Spread Of Cancer

Exercise is a great way to reduce the risk of cancer..Cancer is, quite literally, a cancer. It affects us all in terrible ways. Whether it be a loved one, a friend, neighbor, or yourself, in the modern world this plague is much too common. Pollutants, mostly from industry, have ruined our earth’s ecosystems, and contribute to the incidence of cancer: one study found environmental factors are one of the main causes of cancer. Though environmental stressors are the cause for a large proportion of cancers, genetics still play a role: one study found a third of cancer is due to genetics. And even though the rate of cancer in the US has slowly been declining since the 1990s, it’s still too common, and we need to work harder to limit the disease’s incidence in the world.

Doctors prescribe diets, vitamins, and all sorts of other lifestyle changes to prevent cancer for the patients most risk-prone. However, one thing they are not prescribing is exercise. Read Neuropathy Help’s article to find out more about alternative methods to staying healthy. In a new study, researchers found that moderate exercise is one of the best ways to aid in the prevention of cancer.

But just how does exercise do that? Researchers have come up with a few reasons why. Exercise can decrease the levels of your hormones, like estrogen, which in turn lowers the risk of breast cancer. Additionally, exercise helps the body regulate insulin, and lowers the risk of inflammation.

The research, which was extensive, received data from 1.44 million adults. Many different types of cancers were included in the study, in addition to a variety of body types: a majority of the research subjects were overweight. People included in the study came from the US and Europe.

Though exercise was demonstrated to result in at least a 20% lower risk for certain types of cancer, a lower risk associated with exercise did not hold across the board. According to studies surrounding urology health solutions, there was no association between exercise and risk for prostate cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer (among people who do not smoke). There were no definitive answers for why the findings produced these results; however, people who exercise outside need to make sure that they wear sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Even though the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults get at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity physical activity (such as brisk walking and tennis) or 1.25 hours of high-intensity physical activity (such as running or swimming) per week, the reality is that most adults don’t get in nearly that amount, even if they exercise at all. Exercise is necessary for keeping a happy and healthy heart, and if one does not exercise and eats fatty foods, the risk of heart disease and cancer is extremely likely. Not to mention that exercise can have an impact on other cancers. The study contends that even for overweight individuals that exercise than reduce the spread of cancer.

The bottom line is that modern medicine shows that exercise helps prevent the nastiest diseases, which should be a reason in itself to work out for at least the minimum amount recommended. And if that doesn’t propel you to get your heart rate up… just take a walk!

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