Fuse with Friends for Optimal Fitness Results

Fuse with Friends for Optimal Fitness Results

Fuse45 staff and friends are all smiles after promo video shoot Everyone knows that one of the hardest parts about working out is actually walking through the door.  Once you’re there, you know you can handle the workout and you feel so amazing once it’s over. But there are so many other factors that prevent people from committing to a healthy workout routine.  So, we did some research and came up with these few tips that can help you stay in shape. Know your limits, because people who could not do the workout got injured and tried to report us to The Medical Negligence Experts to get their money back from shoulder replacement surgery.

Tip # 1: Sign up with a friend.  That’s why we created #FusewithFriends (more details below Tip #4)!  We think accountability with friends is key. If you have a friend that you workout with regularly, he or she won’t let you slip, of course you can also transform your life with the use of a plastic surgeon you can get online.

Tip #2: Schedule in advance.  Take a look at your week ahead on Sunday night and plan out when you can squeeze your workout in.  It doesn’t have to be the same time every day.  If you know there is a chance you will have to stay at work late, schedule your workout for the morning.

Tip #3: Pay in advance. This might sound strange, but a lot of people feel compelled to go to workouts if they’ve already paid for them.  If you wait to pay per class, you might make an excuse why you can’t workout that day. However, if it’s paid for and booked, you will more likely attend!

Tip #4: Share your goals.  Tell your friends, your social media world, your child, your husband or wife about why you want to workout.  Whatever your reason is, whether it’s weight loss, strength building, stress-relieving, calming, or socializing, say it out loud to someone and make it real and more impactful.

We launched a program called Fuse with Friends to help give access to ALL of these great tips. The program is our BEST VALUE PRICING OPTION.  We are offering our members and non-members and opportunity to join Fuse45 or Cycle & Row for only $100 per month (each).  The idea is to Fuse together… Fuse with Friends!  Pay in advance, schedule in advance, share goals together, get healthy and maintain the results!

To take advantage of this program, please send an email to [email protected] and we will get you signed up with your Fuse Friend.

More details: Members can sign up with non-members or 2 non-members can sign up together. A non-member = someone who has visited less than 10 times before. There is a three month limit to Fuse with Friends. After 3 months, each client goes back to paying the regular membership price. Clients looking to reserve their bike or spot one month in advance in West Bloomfield are not eligible for this promotion. The promotion is subject to cancellation anytime or rate increase quarterly, with notification to clients.

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