Health + Fitness Q&A with Alison, Karen & Sam

Health + Fitness Q&A with Alison, Karen & Sam

As owners and instructors at Fuse45, a fitness studio, I’m sure you hear your clients complain about ___ body part that they hate. How do you combat that statement?    

As we sit and think about our clients, complaints are not the first things that come to mind. What our clients typically ask about is NOT how to get great abs; it’s how do I improve my strokes per minute on the rower? Or how do I travel further on the ski erg? The culture at Fuse45 is to improve on performance, work out smarter, and keep our bodies tuned up to come back tomorrow and crush the next goal. What we find is that in the absence of complaining, our clients really get to focus on what’s working instead of what’s not working or whatever it is they don’t like about themselves.  At Fuse45, we prefer to focus on our strengths, both physically and mentally.

How do you deal with people who are unsupportive of your fitness goals?

Interesting question! We don’t think we’ve ever run into people who are unsupportive of our fitness goals. When the goal is to live our best lives, be as strong as we can be, push ourselves out of our comfort zones, prime our bodies for anything, and prevent the risk of injury, it’s pretty tough to argue! What we do hear a lot is “that looks way too intense for me” or “I could never do that.” For those people, we just ask them to try! Fuse45 classes are designed to be challenging, but that’s why we always offer modifications and other options to meet clients wherever they are in their fitness journey. We work with people exactly where they are and never push a step ahead until we know the client is ready for it. Fuse45 is a space for people to continually take their fitness to the next level… if they want!

We also realize that our clients have so many different reasons why they work out. It could be just to add a break in their otherwise demanding day, to release endorphins, to sweat, to stay in shape, to clear their minds of whatever troubles them outside of the studio, to socialize… and the list goes on. We wholeheartedly support our clients’ goals, regardless of where they stem from. They are all important to us.

What’s the solution when you meet people who outwardly criticize their bodies?

Our solution is always to focus on strengths. Find the things you love about yourself and hone in on them. On the flip side, it’s even more impressive to try to embrace some of your flaws and turn them into positives. For example, being “too big” doesn’t have to mean fat. With the proper workout regime and attitude, “too big” can easily become strong, powerful, and capable. Here’s another example: being “too skinny” doesn’t have to mean that you think of yourself as weak. With the right diet and exercises, “too skinny” can easily become toned and beautiful.

We see positive energy, encouragement, and motivation flowing and spreading through our studio walls like wildfire. It’s actually rare that we hear people criticizing themselves at Fuse45. We are more proud of this than anything. We believe that if you have something nice on your mind, you should share it. And those receiving the nicety should graciously accept! We hope to instill enough confidence in our clients that they are proud to accept compliments as they come in and allow themselves to feel great about them. There’s no need to make excuses for looking or feeling your best, especially when you worked hard to get there. Taking care of your body is the truest form of personal power. Own it!

How does Fuse45 support a positive body image?

When we train our staff at Fuse45, we tell them right away not to focus on looks. Our instructors know that they have a job to help clients feel better equipped to handle all that life brings outside of the studio. Positive body image is just a bonus. At Fuse45, we’ve created a culture that encourages performance. Our bodies are our engines. When we think of our bodies this way, we are able to fall in love with how powerful we are – and then, trust us, the rock hard abs and toned butts are just a nice little side effect.

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