3 BIG Ways Fuse45 Has Improved My Life

3 BIG Ways Fuse45 Has Improved My Life

Fuse45 Improved My Life

1) My health has become my biggest priority since I first started working out at Fuse45. I have developed a passion for eating more thoughtfully and exercising regularly. I recognize the importance, now more than ever, of leading an active lifestyle. Being surrounded by people who are also interested in their health has inspired me. Working out has become my favorite way to wake up in the morning and feel strong throughout the rest of the day. I have formed good, healthy habits to add years to my life and life to my years.

2) I used to think that perseverance was something that some people had and others lacked…and that was just the way it was. Boy, was there a lot for me to learn. Everyone can persevere if they want something bad enough – classes at Fuse45 taught me just that. There are days when I just don’t feel like getting out of bed. I battle with myself to get dressed and get to the studio. Once I get there, the tough battle is over, I have already persevered through the hardest part. But, those are the easy days. It’s the days when I’m overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated when persevering is most important. 45 minutes of work feels like 45 minutes too long – each second of exertion is a battle. It’s during those days that I close my eyes and tell myself people are counting on me. And if that doesn’t work, I must be my own biggest advocate and count on myself. I may struggle, but I will struggle with determination and pride. I may not perform my best that day, but I know I will be supported because I performed my best for that day. This perseverance has carried over to many other aspects of my life.

3) Relationships in my life have blossomed with the help of Fuse45. The relationship I have with myself has become a much healthier one. I am much more confident in my own abilities. This self-confidence makes me much happier and more fun to be around. My relationship with my mom has also become much stronger. Since I began working out with her (she is also an avid Fuse45 member) we have an additional shared passion. We are able to spend more quality time together in class and baking healthy treats outside of class. We make it our mission to try to get the rest of my family to tag along!

The community that I have been a part of at Fuse45 is incredible. I have never felt comfortable going to the gym before – when I go to Fuse45 I feel very much at home. I am motivated by my peers and their hard work and am always excited to share recipes and hear about the hottest new workout gear!

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