Seeking Fuse45 Instructors!

Do you want to be a Fuse45 instructor? Through our training program, we will teach you how to inspire clients, improve fitness levels, create a community and positively impact lives. Our class concept is unique to group exercise. It’s an empowering experience. It’s cardio intensive. It’s strength building. And it’s NON-intimidating. At Fuse45, we help clients grow both physically and emotionally. Our instructors are integral to creating the invigorating experience of a Fuse45 class.

As we continue to expand, we are looking for talented and inspiring fitness instructors to lead our Fuse45 classes. If you’re looking to join our team and community, please e-mail us at [email protected] and let us know what you love about fitness, why you want to be a part of Fuse45 and about your previous fitness/training/athletic experience.

Betsy B, 49

Fuse45 is a quick, challenging, and fun workout every time. The instructors are all awesome. They are always pushing you to the next level and willing to help you improve! I love the atmosphere and the vibe that they have created. I also love the feeling of accomplishment that I have when I am done and off to start my day!