Journey to Los Angeles

Journey to Los Angeles

Founder of Fuse45 is forever grateful to her clients for her success.To my Cycle & Row (now Fuse45) family:

Most of you know that I moved to Los Angeles last Summer to represent Cycle & Row on Jillian Michaels’ reality show called Sweat Inc. Because of your unconditional support, enthusiasm, and encouragement, I left home with all of the confidence and tools I needed to be successful out there.

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So I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for your constant positive energy and excitement in our studio. It’s because of all of you that this opportunity was even possible. Cycle & Row has evolved tremendously since the idea was born. You’ve helped shape it into the concept that we are so proud of today (Fuse45). We are so excited to continue growing with our clients. From West Bloomfield to Royal Oak and beyond, we know there is a place for our unique style of high intensity interval training without impact. It’s truly a path to physical fitness health and wellness success. Always remember that you create your own power inside and outside of our studio.  Thanks for your strength and motivation. Yes, the instructors feel it too!! On other story, if you need legal help for car accidents, take a look at Texas car wreck attorney.

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