Orchard Mall Fitness Studio Changes Name from Cycle & Row to Fuse45 in Preparation for Expansion

Orchard Mall Fitness Studio Changes Name from Cycle & Row to Fuse45 in Preparation for Expansion

West Bloomfield, Michigan – Cycle & Row officially re-brands to Fuse45, the name of the class concept the Company created after opening as a “cycling” and “rowing” workout studio in February 2015.

In addition to Fuse45 classes, the West Bloomfield studio continues to offer indoor cycling classes where clients can sign up for their preferred bike in advance and track their performance throughout the entire 45-minute class.

The name and concept Fuse45 was born after Co-Founder Samantha Friedman competed on Sweat Inc. Sweat Inc., a reality-competition show on Spike TV hosted by Jillian Michaels, aired in October 2015. In it, twenty-seven fitness entrepreneurs competed for the opportunity to spread their program nationwide, be featured in Women’s Health Magazine, and claim title of ‘the next fitness phenomenon’. Friedman was a competitor in the interval-training portion of the competition, pitching a rowing, cycling and skiing circuit workout, which eventually became known as Fuse45. Along with Jillian Michaels, Sam worked alongside fitness gurus Randy Hetrick, the founder of TRX, and celebrity fitness expert, Obi Obadike.

Sweat Inc. judges encouraged Friedman to change the name of Cycle & Row so that the workout never had to be limited to “cycling” and “rowing” alone, as the previous name suggested. The judges also believed that a 45 minute workout was a perfect amount of time for a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class and should be marketed in the name.

Fuse45 founders hired Voom Creative, a Minneapolis based branding company, and together they elected the word “Fuse” to represent the workout. The word Fuse suggests a fusion between two elements of exercise: cardio and strength. The original yin-yang like symbol from the original Cycle & Row logo transferred to the new Fuse45 logo and further symbolizes the fusion of exercises into one cohesive and effective workout and brand.

“The decision to change our name was the most difficult Band-Aid we ever had to rip off. We really felt connected to Cycle & Row and know it earned strong brand awareness. However, we knew that in order to grow our workout concept, we needed a name with less limitations. We’re excited about Fuse45 and where the name and brand will take us,” said Friedman.

Today, the West Bloomfield studio still carries some elements of it’s original name. The sign outside the Orchard Mall says” Fuse45 by Cycle & Row”. The instagram handle is @Fuse45byCycleandRow and the facebook page name is Fuse45 by Cycle & Row.

About Fuse45

Fuse45 delivers the perfect 45-minute cardio and strength combination class that is high intensity and without impact. The low impact nature makes this workout completely sustainable, even for those with common fitness injuries. The high intensity aspect gives you that heart pounding, sweat dripping, endorphin rising feeling that will help you shed pounds, tone up, and keep you coming back for more.

The goal of the Fuse45 method is to elevate your heart rate during cardio work and then bring it down during strength training. Practicing interval training in this way is the most effective for losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, building strength, toning muscles, developing balance, and advancing your flexibility.

Fuse45 is designed around three strategic pieces of cardio equipment: the Concept2 rower, the Assault Airbike, and the Concept2 SkiErg. Incorporating rowing, cycling and skiing offers an impact-free, safe and effective workout for all fitness levels. Each machine utilizes a fan wheel, so you create your own resistance, power, and energy with each push and pull. Strength stations focus on arms, core and legs, utilizing body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX®, BOSU Elites, plyo boxes, medicine balls and much more. Strength stations change every single day, focusing on different muscle groups. No Fuse45 workout is ever the same and workouts are designed for improvement. Clients use performance-tracking monitors in class to set goals and trained instructors guide the class while providing a welcoming, safe and supportive environment. Learn more at www.fuse45.com




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