Please Don’t Stop the Music

Please Don’t Stop the Music

screenshot of Spotify libraryWhat gets you through a workout? Is it the motivational speeches from the instructors, the voice in your head telling you to keep going, or is it the music that lets you escape into your own world?

For me, music is one of the most important aspects of a fitness class. Music lets me ignore the inner demons telling me to quit during a workout and lets me create my own bubble. One of my favorite artists right now is Sia. Her lyrics and tempo motivates me to push and to be stronger without a motivational speech from an instructor. Whether she is telling me to “move your body” or ”you’re unstoppable” I push with passion and drive to finish and prove to myself how strong I actually am. I know I am one of the few that actually listen to the words of a song, but even the beat and the volume lets you escape from the exhaustion for two minutes.

Think about it, a class without music… I would get bored, possibly quit, or never try harder. I took a spinning class in Ann Arbor, before I became an instructor, and the class was the worst spinning class I have ever taken. Aside from not telling me the length of each drill and pushing for minutes on end with no clear finish line, the instructor had no music. The instructor had a 45 minute beat that was about 75 rpm (for all the spinners out there) with no lyrics, no intensity build up, and no motivational push. I sat on the bike and counted down the minutes for the class to be over. That class taught me the don’ts of instructing, but it also made me realize that music is not played in class to just give the instructors a break from talking.

Since January I have taken 2-3 hours a month to filter through playlists, artists, albums, and more on Spotify to guarantee that I have a wide range of music that motivates and pushes a fitness class whenever I instruct. My playlist now has almost 600 songs and I know it would help any instructor cut down the time to create a playlist for a class. It pushes me, it pushes my mom, it pushed a fuse45 class on Tuesday, May 17th (shoutout to the Tuesday @ 9:30 crew).

Music truly makes a huge difference in a class. If you listen to the beat and build of the song or if you sing along like me, music is still there to keep you pushing. I promise you that you would not push as hard as you normally do if music was not incorporated into your fitness class. If you want to learn more about finding the right music for a fitness class or just like to listen to fitness/dance songs on repeat follow me on Spotify or just follow my Spinning Library playlist or ask me about the music after a fuse45 or spinning class.

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