Pricing for Fuse45 Classes

All pricing options can be used at any Fuse45 location.

POWER FUSER Ambassador Program

Members, BRING A NEW FRIEND TO FUSE MEMBERSHIP: they get 50% off their 1st month and we match that discount for YOUR next month too! What does that mean? It means up to $70 off your membership EACH month for EACH new fuse friend you bring…

Single Class




One single class to be redeemed
within one month of purchase.

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Mini Membership



Take 4 classes per month for less than $15/class!


Payments are auto-renewed monthly.

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Family Add On






First family member pays $140. Each member after that pays only $75/mo.
Minimum of 3 family members.

Gift Cards

$20 and up




The perfect gift for all occasions.

Unlimited Members: Submit your monthly sign up schedule here