Fuse is sustainable.  That’s why we suggest you make it part of your daily routine. We’re rewarding clients who visit 20 times or more in a month. That’s a lot of Fuse and your bodies thank you! Here’s the list of incredible people who fused atleast 20 times in July:

  • Pam Andrews
  • Carol Craine
  • Tom Byrd
  • Linda Novak
  • Lauren Edelman
  • Angela Yono
  • Marci Stifter
  • Denise Arseth
  • Ada Yerman
  • Sara Bruhn
  • Michelle Kam
  • Julie Zorn
  • Ellie Bittker
  • Erica Cahn
  • Gayle Samuels
  • Sabrina Thuwaini

Fun fact: Our head programmer is 54-years-old, not some professional athlete, believe it or not! She might not look like your average 54-year-old, and that’s because she exercises SMARTER not necessarily HARDER. We offer extremely challenging moves, but the moves are safe and they always have levels and options. We never push our clients farther than we know they can go. We specifically designed Fuse to be different than typical high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. We focus on balance, strength, functionality and most importantly, form.  Our moves have a purpose and they work in different planes and ranges of motion and touch on all modalities of fitness.


So, KEEP ON FUSIN’!  The challenge is on every month. When you hit 20 classes in a given month, you’ll have $10 to spend the following month on apparel.