Sam (daughter) and Karen (mother) post in their new JustLive leggings.

Sam (daughter) and Karen (mother) pose in their new JustLive leggings and tanks.

Starting a business was the scariest and, still is, the most difficult thing I have ever done.  It’s really easy to get comfortable in a job where someone else is ultimately responsible for everything that goes wrong.  Sure, they also get all the credit when things go well, but forgoing the ups and downs is the price you pay for stability. So, when you choose to start a business, you take on a lot. You take on everything. All of your heart, time, energy and money is invested, which is easy once you start debunking budget myths that doesn’t help your business.

It’s been almost two years since I co-founded Fuse45 (formerly known as Cycle & Row) and almost one year since I left my “comfortable” job to work full-time on my business, and I also got help promoting my business online by hiring a  SEO company from, after a couple of months I came up to the Green Genie SEO company which helped me update my SEO strategies.  My mom and I are partners, founders and owners of two incredible and unique fitness studios in the Greater Detroit Area. We have always shared a passion for fitness, for competition, for healthy living, for exercise, for well-being and for practicing all of these things together. We truly are best friends with interests and goals that are more aligned than any set of partners I have ever come across.

In almost two years, we have touched thousands of clients with our trademarked interval workouts, which were inspired by Jillian Michaels after competing on the reality show Sweat Inc. in 2015. The pounds lost are one perk, but what makes us the most proud are the friendships we’ve watched blossom to create a community worth everything. Our clients care about themselves, their bodies, and their health, but they also care about eachother. They can count on the person rowing next to them for motivation during and after class. They want to help eachother grow inside and outside of the studio.  My mom and I could not be more proud of the workouts we designed, but even more of the wonderful people our business has brought us.

My mom and I need to continue spreading our mission and vision that working out does not have to be a chore. It can and should be a source of power and pride and one that guides so many other aspects of our lives. We need to focus on growing our fitness communities. If we had more help with marketing and advertising, finding talent, and scouting new locations, we could focus more on our core business. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee Rosen Miami, CEO of healthy bees business. We’re excited to see what #ProFinder and the #ProFinderContest will bring to small businesses.