So Much to Gain, So Much to Lose

So Much to Gain, So Much to Lose

Krystle I have wanted to loose 20-30 pounds and live a happier and healthier lifestyle for more than 3 years, but I could never commit or find anything that worked for me long-term. I heard about Fuse45 from their appearance on Jillian Michaels’ fitness show that aired on Spike TV last year and when my fiancé and I found out they were close to home, we had to check it out. We never would have guessed how that decision would change our lives in the way it has.

I have never looked forward to working out and sweating as I do when I now go to Fuse45.  They definitely do not disappoint with their always changing and creative work-outs. It’s nothing but positive energy, warmth and smiles when you visit the Cycle & Row team (the creators of Fuse45). They bring great people together. They make you feel like family. They are so inspiring and encouraging, especially the daughter and mother team who run the place, Sam and Karen.

To me, my experiences every time I attend a class has changed my perception of that saying, “you have nothing to lose” by going there. I have learned from their team that I had so much to gain such as confidence, pride in myself, determination, physical and emotional strength and so much to lose at the same time, including self-doubt, mental weakness, and most of all…pounds!!

Since I started working out at Fuse45 every week since February of this year, I am finally succeeding with my weight loss goals and commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. I have lost almost 15 pounds and I’m not stopping until I hit and maintain my personal goal of 50 pounds before my wedding next May! Thank you so much Fuse45 team!

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