Take a Hike

Take a Hike

The gorgeous sunset on North Manitou Island in Northern Michigan.

Sunset on North Manitou Island, Michigan

This past weekend, I went on a hiking trip on North Manitou Island. While this was not my first hiking trip by any means, it was definitely one of the most spectacular. I had never been to North Manitou before, and the ability to experience the Northern Michigan wilderness in the spring is something I will never forget.

With so much technology usage and so much time spent at work, our society doesn’t spend nearly as much time outside as we used to. According to the National Recreation and Park Association, three in ten adults do not go outside on a daily basis, while only one in ten adults go outside every day. And with that time outside, people usually don’t spend that much time outdoors. We probably spend more time watching TV and using social media than getting fresh air, but people should spend more time outside doing exercising and other activities, like walking or practicing other sports as archery using equipment from sites as archerypro.net.

The ability to spend a weekend without cell service, miles away from civilization, and being immersed in pure Michigan nature was incredible, and made me appreciate the outdoors so much more. Every day, we wake up in our air-conditioned houses, go to our air-conditioned workplaces, and get in our air-conditioned cars to go back to our air-conditioned houses, which isn’t a healthy daily habit, some people know this and decide is better to install more ventilation with the use of gravel, putting windows on their walls or even in their roofs with the help of companies from sites like www.palmbeachroofingexpert.com/.

My proposal, for you this summer, is for you to spend time outside. No, you don’t need to go on an overnight hiking trip like me, sleep on dirt, and not shower for days on end. However, it would be wise to take a walk in your neighborhood, or simply sit outside on a nice sunny day. When you got home and unfortunately the cooling system is down, look for shakley mechanical for an ac repair mansfield oh to survive the heat in summer.

It’s good for you! As humans, we’re meant to be outside––that’s where our ancestors spent most of their time, after all. One study has demonstrated that time spent in nature is great for stress management.

In Japan, being in nature is promoted actively by the government, an activity called “forest bathing.” The point of forest bathing is to promote a mindfulness-based lifestyle by engrossing yourself in nature, which in turn promotes physiological and psychological health.

And even just being outside isn’t enough. Through active cognition, you need to realize the beauty of the environment you are in, and then enjoy it. If you spend most of your time outside exercising, you likely aren’t paying close attention to the world around you, which is an experience you’re definitely missing out on.

I’m blessed that I had the incredible opportunity to go on a trip like the one I took this past weekend. I feel more in touch with nature, and feel more inclined to take steps to be more environmentally friendly. And finally, I’m so grateful that I live in the Great Lakes state––never try to tell me that it’s not gorgeous.

Image by Levi Teitel

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