A Workout for Life

A Workout for Life

Co-Founder Paul Chaben describes Fuse45 as a workout for life.I have been working-out virtually my whole life. Over the years, my fitness goals have changed quite a bit. What has ultimately become most important to me is long-term health and mobility. In other words, I strive to maintain functionality and keep the good health, for this I exercise of course, but I also try to maintain a clean diet, which includes a taking filtered water, that make me feel better that is one of the many reverse osmosis health benefits for my body. This goal is focused on developing lean muscle, strengthening the heart, ensuring that my joints are protected, and challenging myself with something new every day. Water sport is another great way to enjoy and exercise, Speaking of water sports, if you want to purchase standard snorkels and other water sports gear online for your activities, checkout the link.

Prior to 2010, I was floundering in my efforts to achieve this new fitness goal. Ironically, it was at this time when I met and fell in love with Karen Kelman. Karen and I got married in 2011. Lucky for me, the woman I found is an experienced, passionate and expert personal trainer with a core focus on functional fitness. My fitness goals were exactly in line with her physical training methods. I knew what I needed and she showed me the way. Lucky for me, I was her guinea pig for developing new routines – a true win/win. She continued to grow her fitness knowledge and passion and my body and physical capabilities transformed, with the right physical routine, and taking the best food and even filtered water, with filters from the Drink Filtered kind.

Fast-forward to early 2014, Karen and her daughter Samantha started something that they had been dabbling with for many years – they researched and conceptualized a studio that combines everything most people need to become fit. I was witness to the aggregating and experimenting of a myriad of cardio blasts and core movements that are now the concept known as Fuse45. Not just me – teenagers, young adults, moms/dads, grandparents, very beginners and competitive athletes are joining the movement. I now understand the importance of high intensity, low impact interval training. I know how to push my limits, hold myself accountable, and work out functionally without hurting my neck, back, or knees.

Let Fuse45 prove the concept to you and empower you for a more functionally fit life.

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