The Fuse45 Workout

Delivering the perfect 45-minute cardio and strength combination class that’s high-intensity and sustainable to do everyday.

Fuse45 is Sustainable High Intensity Interval Training. It’s the S.H.I.I.T.

Get ready for the most invigorating, results-driven, well-rounded and sustainable workout you’ve ever tried. Fuse45 welcomes all fitness levels. Whether you are a workout novice or an ironman, you will be a rockstar at Fuse45. Each class feels like personal training within a group setting. Let our instructors challenge and lift you to new heights. You will work toward new goals each class with constant motivation.

Fuse45 delivers the perfect 45-minute cardio and strength combination class that is high intensity and without impact. The low impact nature makes this workout completely sustainable, even for those with common fitness injuries. The high intensity aspect gives you that heart pounding, sweat dripping, endorphin rising feeling that will help you shed pounds, tone up, and keep you coming back for more.

The goal of the Fuse45 method is to elevate your heart rate during cardio work and then bring it down during strength training. Practicing interval training in this way is the most effective for losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, building strength, toning muscles, developing balance, and advancing your flexibility.

Our cardio stations are comprised of Concept 2 rowing machines, Air Assault Airdyne bikes, and Concept 2 SkiErgs. Each machine utilizes a fan wheel, so you create your own resistance, power, and energy with each push and pull. Strength stations focus on arms, core and legs, utilizing body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX®, BOSU Elites, sliding discs and more. Strength stations change every single day, focusing on different muscle groups. While each class follows the same structure and flow, no workout is ever the same.

Fuse45 workouts are designed so that you will continue improving without a plateau effect. Each cardio machine has a performance-tracking monitor that helps you set goals and feeds you a Fuse Score at the end of class.

All Fuse45 instructors are trained to provide you with a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for you to thrive physically and emotionally. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in a Fuse45 class.

Fuse45 + Cycle

2014-10-23_11_34_32_400x500Cycle & Row in West Bloomfield, Michigan is where Fuse45 was born.  This studio has a Fuse45 studio along with a separate indoor cycling (Spinning) studio. In our 45-minute Cycle and Strength Cycle classes, clients will sign up for their preferred bike in advance and track performance throughout the ride on personal monitors, along with large TV screens in the studio. The classes will all incorporate upper body strength training with light weights, adding new dimensions to typical cycling classes. The Strength Cycle class has three 4-minute intervals of strength work, while the Cycle class has one 4-minute interval of strength work. In both classes, riders will climb up hills and race down descents while professional instructors guide and entertain throughout the ride with energizing music, competitive intervals and motivating team races, utilizing Performance IQ technology.  Currently, cycling classes are only available in West Bloomfield at Cycle & Row, but Royal Oak Fuse45 members are welcome to take cycling classes at this location with any package or membership they purchase.

The Equipment

Experience Schwinn’s A.C. Performance Plus bike with Carbon Blue drive train for a true outdoor ride feel and ergonomically designed handlebars and seats for refined positioning and made for comfort.

Performance Tracking

Keep track of your personal stats during class on the bike’s monitor. Looking for a little more competitive motivation? Check the big scoreboards in class to see how you stack up against other riders. Personal stats will always be available in your online profile for continuous goal tracking and performance analysis

Sylvia W, 52

Fuse45 is my home away from home. It’s a social place for me where I have made many friends. It’s such an important part of my life and I always appreciate the personal attention from the trainers.