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My Search for a Team

My search for a team started in high school. As an athlete I always had a team: basketball, volleyball, track and softball to name a few. I was not a “top” athlete nor was I driven to be the best; I had a lot of energy, a positive attitude, and I was a motivator. I...

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Age Does Not Define Me

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and I am fortunate that I have always been athletic. It gave me confidence when I was a little girl and it helped me keep my focus as a teenager and into my young adult years. It gave me strength through the darker times...

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Fuse is for Life: My Story

When I moved to New York to start my first real job, I realized how much efficiency mattered in a workout. I was always on the move and days were jam packed. I went from work to happy hour to dinner to you name it. Exercising was really important to me, so I had to...

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Once I started telling people I was pregnant, everyone wanted to know, “what will you do about your workouts?!” I was always puzzled by this. What would I do? I’d keep doing them! What else would I do? Then I started to second guess myself… “was it safe for the baby...

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2017 Cycle Stats are in!

You came, you rode, and you rode some more. And you rode hard! Thank you for always bringing your A game to classes, for getting lost in the music, for dancing a little on your bikes, for sweating up a storm and for always coming back for more. We love riding with you...

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Another great year!

To our amazing Fusers: This has been quite a year!  We have successfully grown into two thriving studios, expanded our Fuse Force program, which provides a safe workout for our special needs Fusers, re-branded Cycle & Row, and created the most incredible community...

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Some Serious Fuse Dedication

Fuse is sustainable.  That's why we suggest you make it part of your daily routine. We're rewarding clients who visit 20 times or more in a month. That's a lot of best cellulite cream with caffeine and your body will thank you! Here's the list of incredible people who...

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Fuse with Friends for Optimal Fitness Results

Everyone knows that one of the hardest parts about working out is actually walking through the door.  Once you're there, you know you can handle the workout and you feel so amazing once it's over. But there are so many other factors that prevent people from committing...

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Fuse[FORCE] Comes Alive Because of Great Parents & JVS!

Now in partnership with JVS, Fuse[FORCE] is an affordable exercise class for kids, teens and young adults living with autism and other developmental challenges. The class was started by acouple parents who were in search of a healthy activity for their kids with...

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Sylvia W, 52

Fuse45 is my home away from home. It’s a social place for me where I have made many friends. It’s such an important part of my life and I always appreciate the personal attention from the trainers.