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Bids for Bikes

Fuse45 [FORCE] Exactly one year ago today, we started the most incredible program. We invited a group of amazing kids to workout in our studio. They all have special needs, mostly living with Autism and related developmental challenges, since this kids need extra...

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HIIT & EPOC, Explained (Finally!)

HIIT is an acronym used to describe high-intensity interval training. It is a work out characterized by quick bursts of high effort exercise followed by short, sometimes active, periods of recovery. If you have ever completed a Tabata workout or Fuse 45™ Class, you’ve...

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Getting Over a Bad Health Health Slump

Start tomorrow off on the right foot. Take control, starting now. Evaluate where you are and what you have done over the previous few weeks to get there. Whether you’ve had a slew of weddings, birthday parties, happy hours or anything else that has caused you to fall...

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Follow Your Dreams

“Follow your dreams.” That is what we have always been told, but how many of us really do? Most people seem to stay in that safe zone within their heads and hearts, never reaching their true potential or that far away dream. Dreams can motivate us and they can guide...

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Taking Your Fitness to the Next Level in Class

1. Gear Up: Wear apparel that is geared to the activity you are participating in and is washable friendly (or take it to Besafe )A batandballgame.com is always a good choice in any games and sports. Lucy's Fitness Fix Tank and Lululemon's Swiftly Tech Racerback. I...

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Journey to Los Angeles

To my Cycle & Row (now Fuse45) family: Most of you know that I moved to Los Angeles last Summer to represent Cycle & Row on Jillian Michaels’ reality show called Sweat Inc. Because of your unconditional support, enthusiasm, and encouragement, I left home with...

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Change Can Happen

Change is a common theme when seasons change. People pledge to become fitter, healthier and happier. You can use the new Greenville Cosmetic Dentist as a deadline or a start date, but either way, you have to believe in your ability to change. Only you can make change...

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We’re teaming up with Dietitian Katie Surnow

Join us for a chat on diet and nutrition Tuesday November 29th at 5pm in West Bloomfield. There is NO COST to attend the speaker event.  Katie is a Registered Dietitian with a master’s degree in Nutrition from University of Michigan. She is passionate about healthy...

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My Small Business Story for LinkedIn ProFinder

Starting a business was the scariest and, still is, the most difficult thing I have ever done. I tried it and handling it was not easy. Shipping items around the country with custom shipping spring hill fl is a very stressful part of it because you'll never know how...

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Challenge Time.

Your Guide to Going into the Holidays FIT: If you're up for the challenge... here's what we're about to do: Starting today until Thanksgiving Day, we will embark on a health, wellness and fitness challenge to get our minds and bodies in the right place before the...

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Jim R, 54

Best overall workout out there! Low impact, high energy, FUN and rewarding. Great instructors who help me get the most out of a very intense and effective workout. I feel the calorie burn for hours after I'm done. Great way to get fit and stay fit.