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Mornings Done Right

Mornings can be very hectic. I end up skipping breakfast on more days than I’d like to admit because I get caught up with e-mails and work and whatever else the day has in store for me. But we’re always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I’ve...

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Break the Weight

We are excited to announce our partnership with Break the Weight, a motivational health coaching program that teaches individuals how to change their lives in fun and sustainable ways. We know that high intensity fitness can take care of so many important aspects in...

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A Workout for Life

I have been working-out virtually my whole life. Over the years, my fitness goals have changed quite a bit. What has ultimately become most important to me is long-term health and mobility. In other words, I strive to maintain functionality and keep the good health,...

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FUSE WITH FRIENDS for $100/month

Our best promotion ever... Grab a friend and Fuse together. When you do, you each pay only $100/month for membership (that's $40 less per month than our regular membership). Members can only sign up with non-members.  2 non-members can sign up together.  A non-member...

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Call your friends... From September 15th through October 15th, ALL Fuse45 / Cycle & Row unlimited or package members are encouraged to bring AS MANY FIRST TIME GUESTS AS THEY CAN.  Members get rewarded for the number of guests they bring... and what they buy!...

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How can you get the best workout ever with low impact?

For many people, aches and pains can make people neglect working out altogether. Exercise is undeniably the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but for athletes and workout junkies there definitely is a conflict. Some studies have found relationships between heavy...

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Give Mindfulness a Chance

Where I went to high school, it was a pretty laid-back, creative, loosey-goosey environment. This structure (or perhaps lack thereof) provided me the opportunity to explore topics and questions I wouldn’t necessarily be able to in a traditional school environment, and...

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Dark Facts About Sugar

Everyone's an addict, but only few know. The food industry (FI) has pumped out foods with sugar for decades now, but it's time people really understand what that means. The sugar in our food is synthetic, abundant, and addicting. You may not feel like you're addicted...

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Forget Fish Oil: Exercise Best Way To Prevent Spread Of Cancer

Cancer is, quite literally, a cancer. It affects us all in terrible ways. Whether it be a loved one, a friend, neighbor, or yourself, in the modern world this plague is much too common. Pollutants, mostly from industry, have ruined our earth’s ecosystems, and...

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Evan A, 20

Fuse45 has truly changed my life. I never felt “athletic” before, even though I ran cross country in high school and worked out. Since becoming a part of the great community at Fuse45, I have seen just how strong and capable I am—to do anything.