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Take a Hike

This past weekend, I went on a hiking trip on North Manitou Island. While this was not my first hiking trip by any means, it was definitely one of the most spectacular. I had never been to North Manitou before, and the ability to experience the Northern Michigan...

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Please Don’t Stop the Music

What gets you through a workout? Is it the motivational speeches from the instructors, the voice in your head telling you to keep going, or is it the music that lets you escape into your own world? For me, music is one of the most important aspects of a fitness...

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Fighting the Unwanted Cravings

Pizzas, pastas, desserts, oh my! When it comes to food I am the ultimate foodie! I get it from my mom.  I will try anything and go to new exotic restaurants to try the new hot dish doesn't matter if is made in an oven or a a cooker from an  instant pot ip duo60 review...

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Oatmeal Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Oatmeal is arguably the world’s healthiest breakfast food.  It helps you feel full and satisfied for your day ahead.  Most people think that oatmeal makes for a boring breakfast but, it certainly doesn’t have to be! This morning meal becomes less boring when you mix...

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Why We Need to be Eating More Buckwheat

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get tired of quinoa. You can’t deny that it’s incredibly healthy for you, in addition to its versatility––you can put it in just about any recipe. But there are so many different grains out there besides quinoa, we just haven’t...

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Shifting Focus from Score to Core

I love to compete. I competed for many years in mostly team sports. Even on mobile slot games I'm relatively competitive. But now that my “playing days” are long over, I have been heavily focused on becoming functionally fit – maintaining strength, balance, and...

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Studio Update: May 2016

  The First Fuse Relay Our founding members remember the relay races we used to incorporate into our workouts. Well, THEY ARE BACK. Here's the deal: Three people per team. One person starts on the rower. One person starts on the bike. One person starts on the ski erg....

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Go Ahead, Sweat Buckets

Throughout Kobe Bryant’s NBA career, he was known for being a huge sweater during games––a schvitzer, a perspirator. Recently, on Ellen, he hilariously pranked a doctor claiming he had an excessive sweating disorder that caused him to sweat several liters per game....

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Studio Update: April 2016

Since Royal Oak is not quite open, here are some updates in West Bloomfield that you can partake in... A New Health Challenge Is Starting Soon Every year around this time people start to stress about getting their bodies into "Summer Shape."  We know the sunshine is...

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Betsy B, 49

Fuse45 is a quick, challenging, and fun workout every time. The instructors are all awesome. They are always pushing you to the next level and willing to help you improve! I love the atmosphere and the vibe that they have created. I also love the feeling of accomplishment that I have when I am done and off to start my day!