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So Much to Gain, So Much to Lose

I have wanted to loose 20-30 pounds and live a happier and healthier lifestyle for more than 3 years, but I could never commit or find anything that worked for me long-term. I heard about Fuse45 from their appearance on Jillian Michaels’ fitness show that aired on...

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The Beauty of Eating from Bowls

This is our new favorite way to refuel – packing protein, grains, veggies and healthy dressings into a bowl and digging in. Check out some of these great recipes. Black Bean and Avocado POWER Serves 2: 3 cups power green blend, (or mix of baby spinach, baby kale, and...

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The Secret Benefit of Exercise

There are many physical benefits to exercise – improved cardiovascular functioning, growth of lean muscle mass, and increased lifespan. However, one of the most important benefits to exercise is often overlooked. Exercise is one of the most effective and stimulating...

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3 BIG Ways Fuse45 Has Improved My Life

1) My health has become my biggest priority since I first started working out at Fuse45. I have developed a passion for eating more thoughtfully and exercising regularly. I recognize the importance, now more than ever, of leading an active lifestyle. Being surrounded...

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One-Year Transformation with Zena Betti

Zena Betti has been part of our Fuse45 (Cycle & Row) community since its inception. In celebration of our first year in business, we are proud to share her success story. Zena’s energy, perseverance, and determination is contagious in the studio and we have...

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Lauren G

I have worked out my entire life and tried so many gyms. Fuse45 has been the only one that just works for me! It’s quick and always a great workout. I am nine months post baby and look and feel better than I ever have before. Even better than before having kids!