How can you get the best workout ever with low impact?

How can you get the best workout ever with low impact?

Fuse45 combines strength training with intense cardio, all in a low-impact setting. For many people, aches and pains can make people neglect working out altogether. Exercise is undeniably the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but for athletes and workout junkies there definitely is a conflict. Some studies have found relationships between heavy and regular exercise and osteoarthritis, not to mention that not being careful while working out can lead to accidents. Now, a mother and daughter team who both became fed up with the direction of the fitness industry towards non-body conscious movements are striving to make waves with a brand new workout.

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Samantha Friedman and her mom, Karen Kelman, were both athletes ever since high school. Kelman eventually tore apart her knees, and refused to do any cardio since it caused her so much pain. Getting in cardio is necessary to prevent fat build up, but if not done properly, it can hurt you in the long run. Treadmill runners risk damage to their knee joints if they run too strenuously and carelessly, rather than outdoor running. Kelman candidly quips, “I don’t run unless someone is chasing me. Because there are so many better ways to get your heart rate up.”

Kelman, a personal trainer for years, strove to create a highly functional, yet effective workout for her clients. Friedman became a cycling instructor in New York City, but both eventually realized it was time to move on and start something new––this is when Fuse45 was born. Friedman competed on the Spike TV show Sweat Inc. last year under the guidance of workout guru Jillian Michaels, where she honed her ideas for Fuse45. Friedman explains, “We came up with Fuse45 out of necessity. We were looking for a high intensity workout that didn’t compromise our joints. We found that it didn’t exist at all.” Friedman also wanted to account for people with limited time to exercise, so she wanted something comprehensive. “We all have busy schedules and don’t have all the time in the world to workout, so we needed everything in one.”

Ever since opening up their first studio, Cycle and Row in West Bloomfield, Michigan, they opened up a second in Royal Oak, Michigan, where they now hope to spread their trademarked workout regimen as far as possible. Fuse45 combines strength training with intense cardio, all in a low-impact setting. Using Concept2 rowing machines, ski ergs, air bikes, hand weights, exercise balls, and more, Fuse45 creates a fun, safe, and welcoming environment. Friedman and Kelman both believe it’s impossible to get bored in a Fuse45 class. “The class flies by, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a smart, efficient, and effective workout.”

One of the biggest obstacles for Friedman and Kelman has been getting people who normally do not exercise to join their client base. Kelman realizes the difficulty of asking people to try something outside of their comfort zone. “There’s always a struggle when you’re trying to teach people a different, healthy sustainable lifestyle,” says Kelman. In order to combat this, Fuse45 stresses the benefits you reap after completing one of their classes, like feelings of accomplishment and revitalization. Friedman wishes her potential students could be aware of how empowered, successful, and satisfied they will feel after class. Friedman recalls when one of her students who hadn’t worked out in over a month hesitated to enter the studio. “She was nervous and scared about it,” Friedman describes. “At the end of class, I asked her how it went, and she said she felt amazing. Regardless of how you’re feeling now, you’re going to feel great after. Nobody has ever said they regretted a class.”

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