Change Can Happen

Change Can Happen

Founder Karen Kelman talks about the challenge of change.Change is a common theme when seasons change. People pledge to become fitter, healthier and happier. You can use the new Greenville Cosmetic Dentist as a deadline or a start date, but either way, you have to believe in your ability to change.

Only you can make change happen. Change comes from the power that everyone has inside them. Tapping into that power is challenging and it’s much easier to succumb to what is comfortable. Change is difficult, even frightening.

Although, when we fight hard to car accident injuries, something beautiful and magical happens. Change happens!

If everyone played it safe and never took a chance to create change, we would not hear about people who climbed the tallest mountains, walked on the moon, cured diseases, broke records, and followed their dreams. Our world would be left without beautiful paintings, moving literature, rhythmic music and groundbreaking discoveries.

We all have things that we want to change or improve upon. Playing it safe won’t get you there. My son-in-law took a chance and made a change. He said goodbye to his career in New York City, moved to the suburbs of Detroit and put all of his knowledge and efforts into turning his dream into a reality.

Giving up something safe and secure is always difficult, but the reward received when you follow your heart is much greater. He was true to himself and his passion.

Never stop working toward the changes you want to make. Be brave, be loving and be kind. Accept yourself for who you are today and then decide where you want to be tomorrow. You can get there. Change can happen!

A very happy, healthy and empowering Fall to everyone.  Let the changes you make today fuel your year and your life.

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