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Fuse45 in West Bloomfield, Michigan is the home of the first ever Fuse45 studio. The studio is located inside of the Orchard Mall at the northeast corner of Maple Road and Orchard Lake Road. Since February 2015, Cycle & Row has been offering state-of-the-art indoor cycling classes in two varieties: Cycle and Strength Cycle. In either class, you will be encouraged and motivated by our highly trained instructors and their awesome playlists and you will be given tools to help you monitor and track your progress during class and overtime. Each Schwinn performance bike is equipped with a screen so you can see how fast and how hard you are pedalling. The instructor will guide you through different intervals on the bike (and off the bike in the Strength Cycle class) while you work through different power zones on the computer screens in front of you.

Across the lobby, you’ll find our Fuse45 studio room. This is a total body cardio and strength sculpting, toning, heart-pounding, muscle-building class inspired by Jillian Michaels from the Spike TV show, Sweat Inc. The best part: it’s entirely non-impact. All classes are 45-minutes long

Fuse45 came to Royal Oak, Michigan in June 2016. On Catalpa Drive between Woodward Avenue and Main Street, Fuse45 can be found on the north side of this residential street. The workout was born from a need for high intensity, low-impact interval training. Shocking, but it didn’t exist until now! In a Fuse45 class, you will rotate between cardio and strength stations for a full-body 45-minute impact-free workout. The strength moves change daily and the cardio machines are fan-wheel based, so you get to create your own resistance. Pretty powerful, right? Come on in and try it. You won’t regret it. All fitness levels are welcome.