Fuse45 FAQ

What should I wear to a Fuse45 or Cycling class?
You should wear wicking athletic attire. Fitted workout apparel is recommended for safety. If it’s wet outside, please bring your dry shoes with you to keep our studio room dry and safe for everyone.

Should I eat before class?
You should always eat something before exercising so your body has enough fuel to power you through your workout. We recommend eating something light and healthy like a banana, RX bar, or nonfat Greek yogurt alteast 30 minutes before working out.  Eating too close to your workout can make you feel uncomfortable while exercising.

Do you have showers and bathrooms?
Yep, we have both, and with great bath products too!

Do you provide towels?
Yes, of course. Towel service is complimentary.

Do you have water?
We have a convenient water bottle refill station and bottles for purchase.

Do I need to create an account?
Yes, everyone must create an account before class. You can do so here.

How early should I come?
If it’s your first time, we recommend 15 minutes so that you can get to know the studio and get set up properly. If you’re a regular, you know how much time you need.

How does it work when I get there?
Just see the front desk person to check in and he or she will take good care of you! You will get a quick demo on the machines if you have not been before and then you will be ready to go.

What’s the easiest way to sign up for classes?
The best and easiest way to sign up is by downloading our Fuse45 app.  Link to iPhone app.  Link to Android app.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please review our Policy page for details about class and member cancellation.

Can I share a package with my family?
Absolutely. We allow spouses or other immediate family members to share 10 or 20 packs. Just call or email to let us know who you want to share with and we will link your accounts so you can each login and pull from the same package. Monthly unlimited membership cannot be shared.

How do I measure the benefits of fuse45?
We know that you’ll see and feel the benefits when you start taking Fuse45 classes regularly. If you’re looking for real-time feedback that can help you set goals and constantly improve, we recommend wearing a heart rate monitoring device. Mio Fuse wrist bands are available for purchase in studio and offer precise heart rate monitoring from your wrist. It’s way more comfortable, accurate and motivating than a chest strap. We also encourage you to use your own devices like an Apple Watch.  Note, in a cardio/strength interval training class like Fuse45, calorie count will read lower than in traditional steady state cardio classes.  The truth is, you will burn more calories throughout your day due to the EPOC effect during a Fuse45 class than any class we’ve ever tried!

What if I can’t do everything in the class due to injuries or because I haven’t worked out in a while?
One of the best things about Fuse45 is that it can be adapted to any fitness level. With no impact machines, you create your own resistance so the workout based on your own ability. With ever class will come increased strength. You will see improvements very quickly. With injuries, our instructors are trained to offer different exercise options to accommodate just about any injury, pain or ache. You should be A-OK!

Is there a beginner class?
We don’t offer a beginner class because beginners are welcome in any class on our schedule. We have new clients in almost every class.

Can I take classes if I am pregnant?
Many pregnant women are able to exercise right up until their due date, but we recommend you check with your doctor before taking a class.

Do you have childcare in the studio?
No. Unfortunately, we don’t.  However, we do offer a Mommy (or Daddy!) and Baby class every Friday at noon in our Royal Oak studio. Bring your babe with you!  You can use any package or membership to reserve this class.

Do you have discounts?
Fuse45 does not offer discounts, but our packages do become less expensive when you buy in bulk. And the best value offered to our clients is the monthly unlimited membership where you can come as many times as you want. However, students and teachers can benefit from 10% off regularly priced single classes and packages. From time to time, we offer complimentary classes taught by our instructors in training.

How old do you have to be to take a Fuse45 class?
Age does not really matter, but height does. Clients must be at least 4’11” to participate in the full class. If a shorter client wishes to take class, they can but will not be tall enough for the cycling station. Instructors can offer a different option instead of cycling for a client in this situation. *Please note, if you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to sign a waiver in person.

Robyn B, 34

Fuse45 is the BEST investment in you! The transformation I have seen in body and mind has far surpassed any other workout routine I have tried. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt accepted and part of a team of people that seek positive change!