Features & Equipment

Fuse45 offers state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment to enhance the workout experience.

Fuse45 is a full-body, impact-free workout that incorporates rowing, cycling, skiing, and strength exercises into every class.

Fuse45 is designed around three pieces of cardio equipment, offering the following:
  • An impact free, complimentary, full body workout
  • A highly efficient calorie burning tool
  • Fan wheel resistance for complete control over your workout (i.e. the harder you work, the more intense your workout)
  • Safety and fun for ALL ages and fitness levels
  • Measurable and accurate real time feedback on performance monitors
Here’s what you will be working with:
  • The Row – Rowing is said to be the most effective and efficient exercise ever. Rowing is a full body workout that keeps your heart rate elevated while working almost every major muscle group in your body.  You will work your legs, core, arms and everything in between, making it much more efficient than running or Spinning®, which are both primarily lower body focused. One of the most appealing aspects of rowing is that it’s an extremely safe form of cardio because it’s easy on your joints and all fitness levels can partake. Fuse45 only uses Concept 2 rowers, the most reputable, tried and true indoor rowing machines on the market.
  • The Ride – Don’t let the ruggedness and old school look fool you. The Assault Airbike is the best-in-class fan bike available and especially great for metabolic conditioning.  The AirBike is a great tool for interval training and will help improve aerobic capacity. Unlike a Spinning® bike, the AirBike works both your upper and lower body to maximize fitness results.
  • The Ski – Skiing is so much fun and a great workout, no doubt.  The biggest problem with skiing is that you have to bundle up and find a mountain, which isn’t so easy for most of the world. Luckily, Concept 2 created a SkiEg, which is the most perfect indoor skiing machine out there. The SkiErg provides incredible aerobic and strength benefits and helps you build strength and endurance in an efficient, rhythmic motion.  In line with the rest of our workout, the SkiErg provides an impact-free, but high calorie burning exercise that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Training with Heart

Why is heart rate training important?

“Heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate means to understanding how your body is responding to exercise and the activities of daily life.” -Mark Gorelick, PhD (Biomedical Science), Director of Product Science & Innovation at Mio Global

Training with heart rate zones provides a real-time, continuous, dynamic representation of your physiological response to different types of exercise. It assists in training efficiency & effectiveness by telling you when you’re below, in, or above your target heart rate zone. It helps develop the body’s ability to use fat as fuel and it allows you to effectively track your fitness progress.

How is max heart rate calculated?

Your Maximum Heart Rate is calculated as 211 – (.64*age) with small adjustments for even more accuracy. This number represents the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity. Your percentage of Max Heart Rate dictates which exertion zone you are in.

Interested in tracking your heart rate during class? Contact us to learn more about what device we recommend and how you can get one to wear at Fuse45.

Sylvia W, 52

Fuse45 is my home away from home. It’s a social place for me where I have made many friends. It’s such an important part of my life and I always appreciate the personal attention from the trainers.