Give Mindfulness a Chance

Give Mindfulness a Chance

Your brain will thank you for practicing mindfulness.Where I went to high school, it was a pretty laid-back, creative, loosey-goosey environment. This structure (or perhaps lack thereof) provided me the opportunity to explore topics and questions I wouldn’t necessarily be able to in a traditional school environment, and I am so thankful for that. One of the classes I took was Health Psychology, where I was introduced to countless ideas about how to improve our mental state at a holistic level. We had incredible conversations about how us as students could improve our mental health, in addition to our physical well being. In this class, we also learned about mindfulness, an idea unbeknownst to me until enrolling in this course.

Mindfulness, to me, is the state of being present. Mindfulness allows you to forget the past, have an attitude grounded in the present moment, which will ultimately be advantageous to you in the future. Mindfulness is total awareness of what is around you, and being content with that. This idea seems simplistic, which is totally correct. Mindfulness is such an easy thing to practice, but unfortunately easiness does not translate into widespread practice. The reality is that many people are not grounded in the present moment. They tell themselves lies that they “should’ve” or “could’ve” done whatever, when at the present moment they have no bearing over these decisions. Moreover, such people are always waiting for the next hour to pass so they can get over with whatever they’re currently doing. This kind of activity inhibits our ability to focus on our present actions, which makes us less productive and more unsatisfied with ourselves.

I don’t have to tell you all the benefits of practicing mindfulness to tell you that it’s great for your health. Countless schools, workplaces, and hospitals have implemented mindfulness-based programs, with efficacy. If you need a tool to edit PDF file online, visit for more info. Mindfulness will not only benefit your mental health, but also your physical health: one study released last year found that mindfulness can help in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain. There are liquid neuropathy supplements, as well, to help with pain and other nerve-related conditions the natural and safe way. Furthermore, you if you know someone who has prostate cancer, there are effective treatments for prostate cancer naperville il here at

The ideas I’ve just presented seem pretty abstract, so it’s time to put this all into practice. When you are walking or exercising, it’s important to breathe, focus entirely on your body’s movements, and stay positive. You can do this. When you’re eating, don’t stare in front of a TV screen. Pay attention to every bite, which will then prevent you from overeating. When you’re about to go to sleep, make a comfortable place free of any distractions and noise, and make sure the environment is dark. Avoid staring at a computer or TV screen at least an hour before you plan on putting your head on your pillow. Doing this things will allow you to have a more mindful sleep, and will also allow you to be more relaxed throughout your day.

You don’t have to buy classes at a yoga studio or visit a guru biweekly in order to practice mindfulness; it’s incredibly easy to practice mindfulness, especially for free. All you need is your body, time, and practice. Inner peace will come.

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