2018 was an incredible year! Throughout the passing year, we were told over and over again how important our Fuse community is to each of you.  We learned that Fuse provides a safe and welcoming place for you to form friendships, challenge your bodies and enrich your souls. We learned how strong we truly are, especially when we saw those monitors roll past 1,000 meters. We found the true meaning in being brave when we showed up when we were still sore from yesterday. We battled the Air Assault bikes and won. We planked in more ways thAn we knew imaginable.  Most importantly, we walked out feeling stronger and more powerful than when we walked in.

Our Fuse family welcomed Crosby Ryder Friedman as our newest addition. We also welcomed at least a dozen more Fuse babies who’s moms fused with us throughout their pregnancies. We listened to your needs and created classes for families, for babies, for moms-to-be, for little Fuse Ninjas, and for our Fuse Force participants with special needs.
We are beyond proud of what we have built and how Fuse has continued to evolved.  We are honored that each and every one of you has chosen to spend your very precious time with us.
Thank you for Fusing with us, for your trust, for your loyalty, for your enthusiasm and for your continuous support.  We look forward to growing stronger with all of you in 2019.
We wish you all a year full of hope, big dreams, community and Fuse.
With deep gratitude and appreciation, we thank you!
Karen & Sam