See what our clients have to say about the Fuse45 workout.


I have worked out my entire life and tried so many gyms. Fuse45 has been the only one that just works for me! It’s quick and always a great workout. I am nine months post baby and look and feel better than I ever have before. Even better than before having kids!

Lauren G, 34

Fuse45 is my home away from home. It’s a social place for me where I have made many friends. It’s such an important part of my life and I always appreciate the personal attention from the trainers.

Sylvia W, 52

Fuse45 is the BEST investment in you! The transformation I have seen in body and mind has far surpassed any other workout routine I have tried. From the moment I walked through the door, I felt accepted and part of a team of people that seek positive change!

Robyn B, 34

I am a physician who was hitting my gym pretty hard 5-6 days a week. I thought I had designed a pretty good workout. My wife was raving about Fuse45 and got me to try a class. WOW, what an upgrade! I dropped 12 pounds in 6 weeks. Even better, Fuse45 is absolutely the second-most fun you can have getting hot and sweaty as a couple!

Tom B, 53

I love fuse45 because every day and every workout is a new challenge. You are always competing against yourself to hit your targets and set a new PR, which means you’ll never plateau.  And, you won’t find the same energy and atmosphere of the studio anywhere else. 

Allie L, 28

Fuse45 is literally my dream come true. My mom and I have been working on the concept for the past four years. My mind and body tell me it’s the best workout I’ve ever tried. Each class leaves me feeling completely empowered and invigorated, like I’m on top of the world. I’ll never stop.

Sam F, 28

Fuse45 is not just a workout but a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that has increased my confidence and motivated me to be my best possible self.  I feel strong and powerful every Fuse45 class I attend.  Fuse45 changed my mind and my body in more ways I could have imaged.

Hannah K, 20

The workout is amazing had fun! I even got my brother to join me for a class.

Scott Y, 23

After taking a Fuse45 class, Zumba feels like a party!!

Betsy A, 63

Prior to joining here, I found it hard to motivate to get my heart rate up and push it. Now, I have no problem and I love that this is a workout I can do with my wife and son.

Steve S, 52

I’ve always loved working out but the Fuse 45 class is a very special and different kind of class. I’ve never pushed myself harder, and I’ve never had more fun in a class. What I love most is that you’re able to see your personal scores where you can push yourself further each time you take the class.

Marisa, 21

I used to hate working out, but somehow they make it so you want to come back!

Margo G, 60

I am a type 1 diabetic of 33 years. I have been exercising at various gyms since I was 12 years old. Since I found Fuse45, I have managed to reduce my total units of insulin a day by 8 units. My body is stronger, healthier and happier than it’s ever been! So imagine what a normal healthy woman must feel like?!

Sara B, 42

I enjoy coming to Fuse45 everyday after work! I have fun and feel stronger. The instructors are knowledgeable and motivating and I enjoy challenging myself and working hard to beat my personal best.

Lisa R, 30

Both of my sons are living with autism and I helped organize a weekly class for kids with special needs so that my boys and many others could benefit from a safe and fun workout environment. Fuse45 is just that. The kids love it and my boys are always asking for their “exercise class” before the week ends.

Sean, 13 & Drew, 11

The most challenging and rewarding workouts in our area! I just can’t get enough!

Stephanie L, 37

My sister invited me to a couple classes about a year ago and I was hesitant because I was out of shape. The class was so energetic, fun, and challenging! The support of the other people in class and the encouragement of the instructors keeps me coming back.

Julie Z, 49

Fuse45 is my favorite class! The only downfall is when the class is sold-out! The instructors always keep me motivated and inspired to work harder and try to beat my own personal best! I especially appreciate that they will correct my form so I can get the best work out possible.

Jessie F, 15

Best overall workout out there! Low impact, high energy, FUN and rewarding. Great instructors who help me get the most out of a very intense and effective workout. I feel the calorie burn for hours after I’m done. Great way to get fit and stay fit.

Jim R, 54

The community atmosphere and spirit at Fuse45 always keep it fun and interesting. The workouts are varied and NEVER monotonous. Fuse45 embraces the most current, state-of-the-art exercise physiology. It has become part of my daily routine. Best part, I got my husband to join too!

Teresa B, 58

Fuse45 has truly changed my life. I never felt “athletic” before, even though I ran cross country in high school and worked out. Since becoming a part of the great community at Fuse45, I have seen just how strong and capable I am—to do anything.

Evan A, 20

Fuse45 is a quick, challenging, and fun workout every time. The instructors are all awesome. They are always pushing you to the next level and willing to help you improve! I love the atmosphere and the vibe that they have created. I also love the feeling of accomplishment that I have when I am done and off to start my day!

Betsy B, 49

Fuse45 an intense cardio and strength training so your body gets a complete workout. Every day there are new exercises so it never gets boring. The best part is that I’ve transformed my body and I now have toned muscles. Thank you Fuse45!

Sherry S, 53

Fuse 45 is literally the perfect workout for me. My friend, Erica (pictured) turned me onto it. Until Fuse, I never truly enjoyed working out. Now, I LOVE it! I get an intense physical and cardio workout in only 45 minutes. The studio and instructors are both amazing.

Lauren C, 37

Working out at Fuse45 isn’t “work.” Don’t get me wrong, you get your sweat on, time flies, the session is intense but when you are done, you KNOW you accomplished something. The incredible team that leads the training motivates you to WANT to do your best, even early on a Sunday morning.

Lisa P, 52

Fuse45 is by far the best workout in town. It is fun, tough and the teachers and staff are extremely professional!

Michelle K, 43

Fuse45 is my new spot to workout. Not only is Fuse45 an intense circuit workout, but it’s a fast way to burn calories and build muscle. No other gym has met my needs when it comes to working out. I’ve fallen in love with Fuse45 and would recommend it to anyone.

Erica C, 36

Exceptional attention to every student. Very personalized service – hard as hell, but worth it!

Lisa L, 52

The owners, teachers and members are wonderful. The fuse 45 class is awesome!

Janeen H

Great workout with great people in a great facility! Boutique-style space allows for personal attention in a group setting for a great value. Each instructor has always been well prepared, knowledgeable, and very motivating! Other students are friendly and encouraging. Love Fuse45!!!!

Julie S, 55

Fuse45 provides such an exciting, high energy, inspiring, encouraging, health- conscious, family focused tight-knit atmosphere that it keeps me wanting to come back for more. This is the healthiest I have ever been in my life- mind, body and spirit. Thanks Fuse45!

Krystle A, 29

I never liked going to the gym, but since I found Fuse45 I look forward to working out. The community they have created combined with a great workout makes it the best part of my day. I have definitely seen a positive change in all aspects of my life- all thanks to Fuse45!

Emily S, 23

Cycle & Row always keeps me coming back for more! Each trainer, in their own unique way, drives you to give it your all during the 45-minute class. There is no wasted time – you’ll sweat and love every minute of it. I’m so happy to be part of the C&R family. #addictive #workoutfamily #youcandoanythingfor45seconds

Sarah, 36

It’s ALWAYS a great workout and fun!!! And I’m a tough critic because I’m a personal trainer.

Sue N, 63

The instructors make me feel very welcome. I really appreciated their attention to my form and love the music and the whole positive vibe here.

Juliet H, 46

Great workout & enthusiasm by the instructors. Love it!

Brenda W, 56

Finally, fitness that’s fun, fast & most importantly EFFECTIVE!!

Dean G, 57

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