Thanksgiving Sweat Sesh with Jamie G.

Thanksgiving Sweat Sesh with Jamie G.

Meet Fuse45 guest instructor Jamie Glassman!

Jamie is an online health and fitness coach, a Soulcycle instructor and a personal trainer. This Thanksgiving, she’s teaching TWO guest classes at Fuse45! Details below.

Jamie’s life completely changed three years ago, when she took a leap of faith to change careers and follow her true passion of fitness. Prior to entering the fitness world, Jamie was an elementary school teacher for 6 years!

Jamie has always been passionate about health and fitness.. She grew up playing sports and has always loved working out, but she never had any plans to pursue it as a career. However, when she started feeling burned out by teaching, she knew she had to make a change. She tried a Soulcycle class while visiting LA, and when she walked out of class she knew what her next move would be.

“I love watching people grow and and work through challenges,” Jamie says about coaching her clients. Her clients constantly inspire her, and she loves seeing them transform mentally and physically.

When Jamie graduated from Indiana University, where she studied elementary education, she was following her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. In changing her role to fitness instructor, she realized she still teaches every day, just in a different way — and the impact she has on the lives she touches is just as strong.

Jamie lives in West Hollywood, California, with her boyfriend — who she actually went to high school with! They didn’t get together until after college, though. While Jamie loves her life in California, she misses Michigan summers on the lake and her family. She’s always happy to come home for a visit.

Jamie joins Fuse45 for Thanksgiving weekend 2018, where she will be teaching her own style of boot camp classes. Here’s her schedule:

Thursday 11/22 10:30 am in Royal Oak SIGN UP

Friday 11/23 10:30 am in West Bloomfield SIGN UP

Classes are on sale NOW for $25 (price includes post- workout shake!). On November 10, Jamie’s classes will go up to $30.

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