Fuse45 Tips to Maximize your Workout

Clients often ask us; how can I get the most out of my workout? And, how can I feel my best to want to continue working out? We put together a few tips for you!

What / when to eat before your workout?
We recommend eating no sooner than 30 minutes before your class, as it could cause you to feel full or uncomfortable during your class. Get Fuse ready with a small portion of protein and carbohydrates before you workout.

What / when to eat after your workout?
To help strengthen joints, tendons and muscles after class, you should try to consume some protein (in any form) within 30 minutes of finishing. And don’t forget to hydrate with lots of water!

How much water should be drink daily?
1/2 body weight in fluid

Where can I find healthy recipes I can trust online?
We swear by Well & Good. Check out their Food Advice column, with new additions daily.

How much sleep should you really be getting?
Sleep is essential for recovery and recovery is essential for weight loss, so sleep is essential for weight loss! In a perfect world you would be getting between 8-9 hours daily. The truth is, listen to your body, when you’re tired, go to sleep. We find it most helpful to turn off your devices and screens an hour before you get into bed. This will help you sleep.

How often should I Fuse?
Fusing is totally safe to do EVERY DAY! Sustainable High Intensity Interval Training; it’s the SHIIT! Fuse is sustainable because the low impact cardio machines are safe and easy on the joints. It’s really the best workout for any age or fitness level. Fuse is a total body workout, with exercises changing daily. Our programs are structured so that each class builds on the next one to work every muscle group over the course of the week.

How to wake up refreshed?
First make sure you got adequate sleep. Then start your day with 8oz of cold water with lemon to activate your hydration process and jumpstart your metabolism. This should be done before food and even coffee… Yes, drink water before coffee.

Should I stretch more?
YES! Fuse45 classes have a built in stretch at the beginning and end. Our stretching is brief to maximizing time working out. So if you need more, take it! We welcome you to stay a few extra minutes to stretch and especially encourage foam rolling.

Should I take vitamins/supplements?
We’re a huge fans of both! schedule time to talk to one of our in house experts by clicking here.

What we DON’T believe in:

  • ingredients you can’t pronounce
  • added sugar anywhere, especially in “fitness” drinks and bars
  • anything processed
  • fasting
  • quick fix diets

Above All:

  • listen to YOUR body. you know YOU better than anyone. Not everything works for everybody so make sure to listen to yours for what YOU need.

Thank you, we hope this helps!
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