Fuse45: The Ultimate Interval Workout

What is Fuse45? Learn about this high-intensity, low-impact workout from the founders, staff and clients themselves. You'll see bits and pieces of the live workout plus awesome testimonials from Fuse rockstars who have been taking classes since the concept was born.

Fuse45 Demonstrates LIHI (Low impact high intensity) Interval Training

Mother and Daughter co-founders, co-owners, and instructors Karen and Sam talk about their two fitness studios: Fuse45 in Royal Oak and Cycle & Row in West Bloomfield.

Fuse45 co-founders hit the stage at Fox2

Karen and Sam (mother and daughter) give a Fuse45 demo to Dina Centifanti, including rowing, cycling, skiing and strength training. The team has two studios - one in west Bloomfield and one in Royal oak and are looking to continue expanding their low impact high intensity (LIHI) interval training concept.

Fuse45 Builds a Workout around the Concept2 Rower

Rowing is known to be one of the best full body workouts EVER because it's high intensity and low-impact. You can have all fitness levels in one class because everyone rows at his or her own pace and has different performance metrics to hold accountability.

Fuse45 mother daughter team perfect the personal workout on Fox2

Karen Kelman (mother) and daughter (Samantha Friedman) have been dreaming up workouts together for more than a decade. Samantha fell in love with exercise when her mom used to train her at the gym when she was only 13 years old. Staying healthy and fit has been a theme throughout Karen and Sam's lives and they set out to make it their career when the opened their first studio, Cycle & Row in West Bloomfield, Michigan in 2015. Now, they are on to studio #2 called Fuse45 on Royal Oak, Michigan and they have no plans to slow down. They created the first ever non impact workout that is high intensity and works your whole body. Listen to their Fox2 interview.

Non rowing exercises you can do with a rower (rowing machine)

Rowing is said to be one of the best exercises ever because it's completely full body and gives you both cardio and strength training in one place. While we love traditional rowing, sometimes it's fun to change things up and use the rower for even more. Check out this quick video for great full body strength exercises, focusing on arms, core and legs. The first is a weighted lunge move. The second is a not-so-typical plank and last is an inverted crunch and pike combo. Let us know what you think! Love, Your Fuse45 Founders

How to Ride the Air Assault Bike: Fuse45

Everyone is a little terrified of the Air Assault bike. Maybe it's because of the loud fan or the fact that it gives no mercy. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you fight it! Follow these simple steps to properly rock the Air bike!!

Implementing Strength Days at Fuse45

Every wonder how you can make the rower, ski erg and air assault bike more strength intensive? Here are a few options that will help you incorporate a "strength day" from Fuse45 into your workout routine.

How to Ski Indoors with the Concept2 SkiErg: Fuse45

Skiing is one of the most fun workouts ever, but it's not so easy to do year-round, unless of course you have a SkiErg. At Fuse45, you can Ski indoors and get a fantastic workout. here's how.

Safe Rowing Workout for Pregnant Women

Learn how to make rowing more comfortable when you are pregnant!

Being Pregant Doesn't Mean Compromising Chest and Core

Learn how to make chest and core exercises more comfortable and safe while pregnant.

Abs and Obliques for Pregnant Women

Here are some awesome and safe exercises you can try at home or in class for your core while pregnant.

Fuse Force Fitness Program - SNEAK PEAK

Fuse [FORCE]

Fuse [FORCE] is a class dedicated to those with developmental challenges. To learn more please visit our site: https://fuse45.com/

Evan A, 20

Fuse45 has truly changed my life. I never felt “athletic” before, even though I ran cross country in high school and worked out. Since becoming a part of the great community at Fuse45, I have seen just how strong and capable I am—to do anything.